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The Best has a System.Dürr Dental.

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Dürr Dental is a family-owned company based in Bietigheim, Germany, whose products and solutions equip dental practices all over the world. Their products range from air compression to tooth preservation. Almost everyone who has ever been to the dentist has probably been treated with Dürr Dental products. In its more than 80 years of company history, the company has always further developed its variety of solutions and in doing so has always demonstrated innovation. That's exactly what the website relaunch was designed to bring to life digitally.

Dürr Dental wanted to reinvent themselves digitally and raise awareness of the "Dürr Dental" brand as a premium manufacturer of dental products. Consistency was to be created in language, visuals and content. The greatest challenge was to present the diversity of the products digitally and at the same time to prepare content in a country-specific way so that it is easier to manage and administer. The entire presence had to be modular yet cohesive. The fact that the best has a system should also be perceptible in the digital world.

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We took a look at the previous digital presentation of the products and noticed: There is a lot of repetition. So we went through all the individually listed products and reorganized and restructured them. So-called "family pages" now summarize individual products wherever it makes sense. We then took this into account and incorporated it into the menu navigation. The result is a very comprehensive navigation over three levels, which provides an overview at a glance on the desktop, but is also easy to use on mobile.

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As befits modern content management, we also wanted to rethink content at the data level. Therefore, we structurally built the numerous product data sets managed in the backend like a PIM (Product Information Management) solution. Here, dependencies concerning product features, technical data and downloads, but also translations and regional contact persons played a major role. With this data structure in the background, information can be managed at one point of truth and then be distributed broadly.

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The website is international and the project extensive - so the appropriate setup of tracking and monitoring is essential. That's why we created a web analytics dashboard that we can customize according to the client's wishes. This enables Dürr Dental to keep track of all relevant key figures and trends at all times. In regular reports, we compile site-specific developments in close consultation. We monitor the exact market figures via a jointly defined lead scoring, which we have set up with Google Tag Manager.

Of course, the page must also run smoothly on mobile devices and the aforementioned amount of information must be organized in a clear and concise manner. In order to summarize the many contents, we have implemented accordions here, which make the page visually slimmer.

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The goal of this website relaunch was to present the products in a high quality and at the same time ensure the website performance. An additional challenge was that many country and language versions had to be created, in which the range of products was also different, and had to be easily manageable. We have created a modular system that offers a great deal of flexibility for Dürr Dental's product world and can continue to grow. Product presentation is one thing here - customer service is another. What we are continuing to work on together is the improvement of these very processes, as well as the further merging of data from different silos.

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