Talky talky or
chatty chatty?
Exploring Digital Future. Together.

Let’s explore the Digital Future.

Good to have you here. Because we are looking for additions to our agency team. We are 40 Digital Explorers – and who knows, maybe soon one more?

We want to get to know you as a person. For your strengths and competencies, your passion and personality. And not because of your gender, your appearance, your nationality or your identity. That's why we address you with our Job Offers in neutral English. :-)

Becklyn Basics

  • Our old building office is quite nice.
  • However, (almost) all of us also do hybrid work (and it works.)
  • Our work is diverse.
  • Overtime is and will remain an exception.
  • Sometimes we do sports together.
  • Or we meet for a vino.
    Dolce Vita
  • (But it's not a must)

Our vision is simple: we want to work on projects we can identify with, to find solutions that make us grow - together with people who inspire us.

Office Vase
Office Gang
Office Konferenzraum
Office Vase
Office Gang
Office Konferenzraum

Guided by our sense of innovation, we are on a mission: to help our partners discover treasures in the digital realm. We may not change the world. But our solutions are smart and holistic; and they transform businesses. We are a great team of over 40 adventurers. Each one of us makes a valuable contribution. Together we sit around the campfire and ignite wonderful ideas. What does the future hold for us? To be honest: We don't know. Something great is never far away. And we are excited to discover it. Join us on this exciting journey.