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"Hello doable!" - This is the claim that Creditplus Bank uses to address consumers throughout Germany when it comes to financing. And we also proved that things are "doable" with the relaunch project of the Creditplus website. As an important step in the bank's digital transformation, the new website was to be convincing not only technically, but also in human terms. The focus was on the needs of the customers, as well as the digitalization and centralization of the service. In addition, the innovative and committed brand identity of Creditplus should become tangible. We started with joint workshops, detailed status quo analyses and a shared vision. The result is a wonderful website based on Contentful that is ready for the digital future of Creditplus.

The aim was to create a modern content management solution that would meet all the requirements of SaaS: The website had to convince in terms of usability, reliability, maintainability, portability and performance efficiency. (Yes, that's a lot of words ending in -ity). In order to be able to put a tick behind all of them, together with Creditplus we decided to use Contentful. Contentful is a headless CMS that first of all "only" takes care of content: Contentful can be used to create, manage and publish content. The point of truth is always the content platform. The website is rendered statically and stored directly in a CDN. In addition, Contentful allows us to work with a JAM stack. In concrete terms, this means that we have a rich client (in our case based on Next.js) and can therefore address many other services via APIs. Smaller backend tasks (e.g. sending emails) are handled directly by Lambda functions. Non-techies may ask at this point: Okay and what exactly is the point of all this? It is exactly this modern software architecture that makes the Creditplus website fast, light, scalable, performant, efficient, secure - and above all future-proof.

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Simple. Innovative. Human. Reliable. With the relaunch of the Creditplus website, we wanted to convey this feeling above all with a fresh UX and UI design. Our task was to apply the existing corporate design to the digital context. To structure our design work, we set five design principles: (1) simplicity and clarity through reduction, (2) recognizability through primary Creditplus colors, (3) friendliness through rounding and icons, (4) humanity through imagery, and (5) innovation through app hints. But see for yourself.

Structuring was an important keyword for the relaunch project: both for the structure of the website and for our approach to conception and design. First, we developed a new, more reduced page and menu structure. To bundle content in a meaningful way and to make user journeys easier. In a component-based design process, we then successively designed the individual areas of the website, laid out sample pages in a responsive manner, and coordinated closely with the respective Creditplus managers. In the end, a coherent set of content blocks, page types and superordinate areas was created that also remains flexible for the future.

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Found by search engines, loved by customers. In order to achieve this premise, we also pushed ahead with the search engine optimization of the new website. The objective was to further expand the existing organic rankings. Thus, we assisted Onpage in optimizing the HTML structure, as well as menu and click paths. In addition, we created content that was suitable for structured data according to Offpage, we performed SEO measures such as backlink detoxing and regularly disavowed new links via Google Disavow. To ensure optimized content, we created a comprehensive content matrix of all pages and used it to create click-generating meta titles and descriptions. Using term frequency analysis, we challenged the SEO-friendliness and readability of the texts. This not only helped to improve the organic rankings in the search engines, but also to provide relevant and appealing content for the users.

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For a complex website, a clean tracking concept is indispensable. At the same time, legally compliant handling of customer data is essential - especially for a bank. That's why we provided advice on all aspects of recording user behavior on the website (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, lead scoring). To ensure that everything is done in compliance with data protection laws and that sensitive data is handled correctly, we are committed to serverside tracking and the implementation of Google Analytics 4. For detailed monitoring, reporting and controlling, we rely on a digital marketing dashboard as a "point of truth" for all online and SEO developments. This allows us to derive targeted measures and continuously increase the digital performance of the website.

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With the relaunch and the new website, Creditplus is proving that people and technology are at the heart of everything they do. Together, we have managed to solve technical challenges smartly; to map complex structures simply; to implement content requirements innovatively - and overall to design the digital offering humanely. In other words, everything is "doable" ;-).

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