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The honest Jeans.JOKER Jeans.

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At JOKER Jeans, the focus is clearly on the quality of the jeans. The German traditional manufacturer has been a specialist for high-quality men's jeans since 1975.

The challenge for the digital strategy is the target group in particular: rather conservatively oriented, 40+ years old and not necessarily online-shopping-savvy. The existing online store meets the needs of regular customers with a minimalist design, but at the same time leaves little room for optimization. For us, the goals were clear: we build performance marketing channels and scale them. In this way, we tap into new target group segments and increase sales to new and existing customers. All points pursue the goal of a strong brand performance, so that JOKER Jeans can grow sustainably and convince even more customers of the quality of the jeans.

Our Approach

  • Google Search Ads
    Ads, Ads, Ads
  • Google Display Ads
    There's no getting around it.
  • Google Shopping Ads
    Seek and you shall find.
  • Social Media Campaigns
    On Facebook and Instagram.
  • Bing Search Ads
    Google is not our only friend.
  • Bing Shopping Ads
    Ads where the target group is looking.
  • SEO measures
    Organic reach is also important.
  • A/B-Testings
    Testing improvements.
  • Content for social channels
    Same here: organic visibility.

How we generated 60% more revenue – with an average ROI of 600%.

It all started with a digital rebranding and a cross-channel full-funnel strategy - the perfect mix of branding and performance marketing. This allowed us to target not only existing customers, but also new customers. With dynamic remarketing measures, we were able to convince even undecided buyers of the high-quality men's jeans. Specifically, we targeted the relevant target groups with prospecting, remarketing and customer retention ads on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, we ran brand-related search, shopping and display campaigns on Google. The result of this brandformance strategy: over 200% more users in the online store and a 55% increase in the number of online transactions.

Joker Jeans Social Media grau
Joker Jeans Social Media dunkelblau

To increase the digital visibility and reach of JOKER Jeans, we focused on search engine optimization in addition to performance marketing measures. One of the main goals was to rank as high as possible in Google's organic search results with the online store for the highly competitive keyword "men's jeans". To achieve this, we placed relevant content on JOKER's website and keyword-optimized category texts and product descriptions. In addition, we continuously improved the usability of the online store through targeted A/B testing - and thus also increased sales. Another central measure of our SEO strategy was building backlinks. The goal was to generate articles about JOKER with links to the online store on thematically appropriate blogs and websites. As a result, we improved JOKER's digital trust and increased its visibility across the World-Wide-Web.

More transactions in the online shop
More users in the online shop
More revenue with an increased AOV

JOKER does not need a lot of showmanship or artificially built hypes. The men's jeans brand convinces with down-to-earthness and quality that has proven itself over the years. Our digital strategy has also adapted to the brand philosophy over the years and we continue to focus on long-term and stable growth. We always find a good balance between innovation and tradition, in which the company values are mirrored. This is also what makes this collaboration so successful.