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Certificates+ Promotions

We value quality and partnership. We also keep an eye on best practices and continue to develop with innovations. That's why we regularly get certified by relevant partners from the digital industry. Voilà.

We are certified.

Certification according to DIN ISO 9001

We live digital excellence. Since October 2020, we have therefore also been DIN ISO 9001 certified. The scope of this certification is our management system including the work of all our departments in the areas of design, technology and marketing. The certification also includes our digital work within the framework of the GDPR - which fits perfectly with our privacy-first philosophy.

But what exactly are we being certified for here? With the DIN ISO 9001 certificate, we show that we pay special attention to quality management in our digital agency. In concrete terms, this means that we act in a customer-oriented manner and nurture our relationships. We have defined reliable processes and ensure their compliance with our project management. We value humanity - our management is committed to this. We base our decisions on facts and work every day to improve.

We Promote Funding Programs.

In addition to certifications, we are also working on getting accredited for various digital funding programs. As a digital agency, this enables our clients to have their digital projects supported with official funding. The best part: the grants do not have to be paid back. This means that innovative ideas can become digital champions in the long term. We are currently in the accreditation process for the following initiatives: