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Turning a Shelter into a Home.Tierheimat.

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Tierheimat connects animal shelters and animal welfare organizations with animal lovers. We have created a platform where animal shelters can lovingly offer their fosterlings a new home.
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In addition to the name, the new brand also needed a new logo. The name was to be wrapped in a suitable signet. The result was a house with a heart. This symbol says exactly what it's all about: finding a loving home for lost souls.

Tierheimat Signet
Tierheimat Hund
Tierheimat Slogan
Tierheimat Katze

The loving, the empathetic, the playful - that's all that enters our lives when we give an animal a new home. To convey this visually, we use warm colors, rounded shapes and gentle animations. There are also many details to discover: hand-drawn icons and lively illustrations give Tierheimat its own playful signature.

Tierheimat Illustrationen
Tierheimat Zweiter Hund
Tierheimat Tierdetailseite
Tierheimat Tiercards
Tierheimat Icons

As with all projects, the go-live for Tierheimat was an exciting phase. Here, we ensured that the website met all relevant SEO requirements and made the necessary adjustments such as redirects, indexing and setting up tracking measures. We also further developed the digital marketing strategy so that organic reach could be continuously increased and rankings improved. This way, more and more people are reached and more animals find a new home.

Animals on the platform within 2 months after go-live
~ 200
Tierheime, die über Tierheimat ihre Tiere vermitteln
Ø 40
Daily animal requests on the platform

Since we consider that mostly mobile users navigate the site, the filter on the animal overview also had to be as intuitive as possible. What is clear: The animals are in the spotlight. Therefore, the filter could not be too present, but still had to remain constantly accessible. This is how we came up with a variant of filtering that can again be operated playfully, but does not offer too many options to choose from. What was important to us: Animals should not be "shopped" here – therefore only criteria that are really relevant for living together are selectable.

Tierheimat mobile Screens

The focus of the platform is clearly on the simple and playful transfer of animals to a new home. In order to avoid too much effort for the animal shelters parallel to their daily business, we have designed an inviting user interface. It makes it easy to post animals and convenient to keep track of open listings. We have summarized all necessary information about the respective animals in categories & divided the upload process into individual steps. So the handling, especially mobile, is clear and fast - and allows a meaningful presentation of the animals on the detail pages.

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Tierheimat Benutzerprofil Tier einstellen Charakter
Tierheimat Tierdetailseite soziales Verhalten
Tierheimat Benutzerprofil Tierübersicht mobile

Many animal shelters have already found their way to Tierheimat. This has created partnerships that will hopefully accompany and help each other for a long time. Help to make the work in animal shelters easier - and help to offer animals a loving new home faster.

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