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From a simple information website to a comprehensive business application for architecture creators: Together with raumprobe, we created an online material database that digitally enriches the physical raumprobe showroom in Stuttgart. Starting with an extensive 360° analysis of the market and continuing with the initial development of the digital platform, the look and feel of the digital world is now steadily merging with the look and feel of the on-site exhibition.
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On the platform, especially architects and developers can find everything they might need for their projects. The focus here is on materials that raumprobe curates and makes digitally visible in a unique way. In doing so, the online material database opens up a world in which materials from the physical exhibition are linked with knowledge, magazine articles, inspiring compilations and projects that have already been created. The raumprobe portfolio is rounded off by events, training courses and special exhibitions. All this makes raumprobe a unique place - also digitally. To manage the multitude of materials and information about it, we have built our own PIM in Mayd, which is individually adapted to raumprobe's needs and is constantly being expanded.

Researching and looking for suitable materials is one thing - finding them is another. You have to be able to remember the materials you find, which is why the favorites function and the creation of favorites lists have become one of the core functions of the platform. With the subscription model, it is possible to create your own lists or to share lists in a team. This makes collaboration much easier and more transparent.

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To come back to searching for materials: The core of the platform is the search. To ensure that this works smoothly and as quickly as possible, we have used Algolia. This makes it possible to have matching results displayed immediately as you type. In addition, we have developed a well thought-out filter logic for the materials that is close to the search needs. Consequently, a system has been created here that makes quick finding as well as long browsing possible in parallel.

raumprobe stands for curated content - but not only for consumption. Users of the platform should also be able to work with it and the content, which is already possible today with favorites and digital requests for samples. We are constantly developing and thinking raumprobe further, which is why we are gradually adding more functions - including the possibility of creating your own materials. This allows architects, working together as a team, to view and manage their entire material pool in one place.

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We have a long partnership with raumprobe, in which collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We work continuously to ensure that the platform is accessible to many people and also visible on search engines. In doing so, we not only pursue a data-driven approach, but also a user-centric one. At the same time, we ensure that raumprobe, with its volume of content, always remains well prepared and usable: on the frontend for planners and architecture creators - and on the backend for raumprobe itself.

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