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"Earning your trust – every day" is the guiding principle of ahg / bhg. We at Becklyn earned the trust of these two biggest car dealers in southern Germany in 2018. Working closely together, we launched the sister websites for ahg and bhg within just a few months – and have been continuously developing them ever since.

The core task of the relaunch project was to replace the previous Sitecore content management solution. With its high maintenance costs, error-prone data exports and lack of functions, it simply was no longer able to meet the requirements. The relaunch therefore aimed to make the platform fit for the future. That's why we looked for scalable solutions – and found them in modern technologies and interfaces. We also took care of the basic features, including improved visibility as well as an optimised customer journeys for business and private customers.

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With the relaunch and beyond, we have created a headless digital experience platform (DXP) that has several features under the bonnet:

  • E-commerce functions for purchasing and reserving vehicles

  • Personalised shopping experience based on user behaviour

  • AI-driven display of content and search suggestions

  • Innovative and intelligent search with over 100 filter options, individually ranked search results and highlighted special offers

  • Location search, reminder function and local landing pages

  • Seamless integration into the company's inventory systems

  • Management and cleansing of the vehicle database

  • Workflow and automatisms for editing and displaying content

  • Customised marketing dashboards with qualified data for better decision-making

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The peculiarity of the new approach for the two websites is that 80% of the content is created using data from other systems. For example, information on vehicle details, prices and current stock levels is uploaded directly to the website from various internal company sources. To make this possible, interfaces were connected to the headless DXP and customised business logic was configured to further process the data. This has the advantages that the information on the website is always up-to-date, content maintenance is minimised and marketing can be partially automated.

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With the relaunch, we were able to significantly improve the visibility of ahg / bhg in the search engines: on average by 100 %, in some cases even by 120 %. We achieved this through the targeted expansion of relevant landing pages and more ranking keywords in the top 10 search results.

This outstanding visibility on the internet has also been recognised: in 2019, shortly after the relaunch, ahg / bhg was ranked 8th out of over 100 car dealerships in Germany at the IAA.

ahg / bhg UI Design

In 2022, the websites were expanded to include a product section: wheels and tyres have since been available to be purchased from ahg / bhg. The biggest conceptual challenge for the expansion of the websites was to standardise the product pages: in other words, to ensure that the overview and detail pages remain similar in terms of look and feel; regardless of whether a car or a wheel is being offered. But with our clear vision, we created a design system that offers consistency – and yet presents the details in a product-orientated way.

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ahg / bhg Rädershop Detail

Every day, ahg and bhg receive hundreds of enquiries for the sale of new and used vehicles. We have therefore introduced a customised and data-based lead scoring system that supports decision-makers in ensuring high enquiry quality. This ranges from the distribution of advertising budgets to tracking management. In this way, data not only helps to generate more leads, but also to ensure a higher quality of those.

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The car market is one of the largest and most fiercely competitive markets. Car dealers can only win the race for customers by offering – in addition to great deals – outstanding service and an excellent customer experience that grows dynamically in line with the requirements. In close partnership, we at Becklyn advise and accompany ahg / bhg on this ongoing journey. Together, we are boldly exploring new paths not being afraid to fail fast – and learning faster. With the mobility turnaround and the strong disruption of retail, driven by the OEMs, this project was and is exciting throughout. Especially in its ongoing development for the future.

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