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Mobility from A to Z.Alphartis SE

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Moving people together. That's the claim of Alphartis SE. We wanted to transport this brand feeling into the digital world. Based on the corporate design of Alphartis SE, a website was created that depicts the broad positioning of the mobility partner: The alphabet of mobility trade from A to Z.

With the user interface design of the new website, we have brought the brand Alphartis SE to life. Digitally. Mobility and movement are reflected in animated elements on the website. And yet, the focus still remains on what matters most: on the clear presentation of the corporate group and its diverse business areas in the field of mobility.

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The website was created with Contentful. This headless CMS solution not only enables Alphartis SE to publish their own content, e.g. in the news section. Other content from external sources is also integrated in the Alphartis website: e.g. the vehicle search, which aggregates the offers of the subsidiaries. For this, we were able to use the existing synergies and access the broad database of ahg and bhg.

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Since Alphartis SE is not only relevant for the German-speaking market but also for the French market, the website has to rank well on as well as on We therefore carried out keyword research, SEO-optimised all texts and analysed the effects with monitoring. This way, the new Alphartis SE website was easy to find right from the start. We also set up various performance marketing campaigns via Facebook and Google to increase the reach.

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Moving people together – with this new touchpoint. In addition to the brand experience, the Alphartis SE website also offers the opportunity to recruit new talent: through the interface to their HR software. Thus, the website is an important strategic tool for Alphartis SE – and for its mobility solutions for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

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