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CMS minus the bad stuff.Mayd.

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With Mayd, we experimented a lot. And tried. Started and discarded experiments. Developed and optimized. And then we changed course. The aim was to create a content platform with its own CMS and CMF that can communicate with all kinds of (external) applications. By now, we are at Mayd 3.0 - what does that mean? We take the best from the already developed Mayd and combine it in a meaningful way. This is how we are gradually creating a tech stack that is second to none.
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A core element of the application is the navigation, which can be folded out and in again as needed. The user only has to concentrate on one thing: Either on the area they are in, or on the navigation and what else can be found in the application. Icons and clear headings make it easy to see what each point is about and where the information is likely to be found. Thus, the navigation ensures a good orientation at any time and from any place.

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With Mayd, the most important thing for us was a clear division of the areas and finding things quickly. Viewing, creating and structuring pages should be intuitive and uncomplicated. Dragging and dropping pages saves an enormous amount of time (and nerves) when it comes to content maintenance. In addition, in Mayd we only show parts that are also important for the respective area. This way, it is clear very quickly what can be done where. In our opinion, no one should have to dig through complicated chains of functions.

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With everything we had used so far, we wondered if it couldn't be simpler. And thought: Yes. Therefore, we put a lot of thought into the concept of content maintenance and built in a wysiwyg editor that already shows the frontend in the backend. This allows direct editing of the page. Content modules can be added and edited quickly. It is possible to use files here, which can be managed, edited and exchanged in the file browser. Might sound unspectacular - spoiler: it is not. Take a look for yourself.

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Mayd is an integral part of our day-to-day work. We have built up a great deal of expertise here, which also helps us in other areas. Mayd has had a lasting impact on the way we develop. This was possible primarily because we maintain trusting partnerships with our customers, with whom we have jointly developed this application. This allowed us to focus specifically on their needs - and to cut out anything unnecessary. We don't know yet what the future will bring. But Mayd will continue to accompany us and help us grow.

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