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AI Sensation for Renewable Energy.Sensaia

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A software sensation for the asset management of Renewable Energy. What began with a joint vision from Iqony and SENS is now a digital solution that makes a real contribution to the energy transition. We accompanied the product team on its way there. Our part was to develop a holistic branding and campaign concept. With "Sensaia", we created an innovative brand with personality, which on the one hand embodies the technical progressiveness of the product and on the other hand sets itself apart from the competition.
Sensaia Brand Banner

It all began with the task of presenting the software solution for the B2B market in a particularly innovative way. To do this, we turned our creative focus to Sensaia's USP: the artificial intelligence that works at the core of the software solution. As a result, we came up with "Sensaia" as a unique product name, designed the corporate design in harmony with the dark interface of the asset monitoring dashboard and developed a unique tonality for the corporate voice.

Sensaia Landingpage Module

Futuristic. Smart. Strong. Clear. Minimalist. To convey the brand feeling on all channels, we created a simple corporate design with striking signature elements. The key asset, the "Sensaia Blob", can be used in many ways - whether animated or static, cropped or full-surface. Together with the bold font and the vibrant colour palette, which is based on the corporate design of SENS, a unique corporate identity has been created that is particularly powerful in digital contexts.

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To support Sensaia's market communication, we adapted the strategy to the different phases of the product launch. We also supported Sensaia operationally: from the creation of documents for marketing and sales to the conception of measures for trade fair communication. To give Sensaia a digital home, we also conceptualised and designed a landingpage – and implemented it with a modern frontend tech stack: with React, Next.js and Storybook.

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We accompanied Sensaia through the pre-launch and go-to-market phases. Now available on the market, Sensaia will help get the most out of solar and wind farms – today and tomorrow. Worldwide. We'd be most happy to see the powerful brand identity contribute a small part to the success of Sensaia.

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