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Rich & Royal is a family-run fashion company from Freiberg am Neckar. The premium brand is aimed at modern, style-conscious women and combines current trends with timeless classics. Eye-catching prints and styles make the collections unique and distinctive. While Rich & Royal is represented at more than 1000 points of sale in ten countries, its digital presence and online store are not to be missed. This is where we come in.

Scaling with performance marketing for long-term improvements

At the beginning of our collaboration, Rich & Royal was already solidly positioned with brand-oriented search campaigns on Google Ads. At that time, the campaigns focused heavily on the lower funnel – meaning target groups that already knew the brand. We gradually expanded and scaled these campaigns: First, through display, shopping, and search campaigns focused on relevant generic keywords, and second, through dynamic remarketing. In this way, we were able to tap into new target groups for Rich & Royal and strengthen the upper funnel. To reach additional customer segments, we extended the campaigns to Google and Bing – a search network that is often underestimated for several target groups.

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Our approach

  • Google Search Ads
    Brand oriented campaigns.
  • Google Shopping Campaigns
    They want it, we got it.
  • Google Display Campaigns
    There's no way around.
  • Bing Search Ads
    Broader funnel.
  • Bing Shopping Ads
    Google isn't all there is.
  • Tracking
    We love data.
  • GA4
    The future of web tracking is now.

We love and track data

Behind all solid performance marketing and SEA measures lies, ideally, an equally solid tracking concept. In order to be able to analyze the valuable data and further optimize measures, a GDPR-compliant tracking setup (as well as the expansion of this with server side tagging, among other things) is essential. Here, too, we provide ongoing support to Rich & Royal. For the changeover to Google Analytics 4, we configured the tracking early on so that the data can be processed sustainably and we have a stable database for the future. However, we not only ensure good data quality, but also continuous evaluation of Rich & Royal's digital channels: All internal and external measures as well as target KPIs are prepared by us in various dashboards for regular controlling, monitoring and reporting.

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In addition to performance marketing measures, tracking, controlling and reporting, we also provide Rich & Royal with advisory services: for content and SEO optimization as well as the development of new channels. As Rich & Royal continues to develop, new challenges and, above all, potentials for digital visibility arise again and again. Opportunities that need to be seized in partnership.

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