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Homodea is a digital place for development, exchange, impulses, inspiration – and for people to explore themselves. On the course platform, many different programmes and contents can be discovered: From video courses with different lessons to live videos and small daily impulses to real-life events and trainings. A major value here is the community and the shared vision. Our goal was to integrate all of this into an intuitive digital user experience.

The platform offers a wide range of highly diverse content. Our conceptual challenge was to combine the contents in a practical way and, at the same time, to give the users the possibility to create their own spaces.

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On homodea, you will not only find different types of content on different topics – also the senders are different. Because just like the users, the homodea experts and their content are individual.

That is why the platform had to look as neutral as possible: Allowing all the course or teaser images to work well together and, at the same time, putting the content in the foreground. In order to create clarity, content of certain types is highlighted with badges. The strong gradient in buttons and call-to-actions ensures that, despite everything, attention is drawn to what is new or important.

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The many different content areas had to be directly accessible from everywhere. Therefore, all menu items are located in a navigation that can be folded in and out. The main content is deliberately not overlaid by the menu. This way, you can quickly switch to a new content area and continue to concentrate on the main content; or you can leave the navigation open for orientation while you browse through the platform.

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The start page is a personal hub that welcomes users with suggestions and content tailored to their own interests. In addition, the profile dropdown provides a place for personal functions: own course participations, watch lists, settings, and so on.

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When designing the homodea platform, we focused on user guidance and created the design in such a way that it works for any content. This has resulted in an independent design system that offers a flexible basis and can continue to grow. The platform makes access to all content as easy as possible, leaves room for individual interaction and at the same time offers space for community exchange.

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