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Systematic Food SolutionsRieber

Prepping, cooking, warming, transporting, cooling or keeping it fresh – Rieber has the right products for anything related to cooking. The family-owned company from Reutlingen has been the technology leader for food system solutions since 1952. The focus is not only on products for professional and hobby chefs, but also on individual solutions that enable a high degree of flexibility with standards and systems.
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Ou task was to create a digital home for Rieber in cooperation with Projects M. Above all, we wanted to reflect the system concept and to present all Rieber products online and make them digitally discoverable. In addition, the digital presence was to function in harmony with the existing PIM. Another important aspect was to support Rieber's customer service with digital tools – by providing inquiry lists, a download center with all further information on the products, and a customer center with a login area. Therefore, during the website relaunch, in addition to the requirement to present the products aesthetically and in a high-quality manner, we also structured and divided the products uniformly across each area.

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Putting the products into a systematic spotlight. In addition to the universal navigation structure, which clearly presents the product families, we designed a simple filter for the overview pages. We also integrated a direct product search function that makes suitable suggestions as soon as the search term is entered. To top off the product presentation, the "Customer Worlds" provide target-group-specific impressions of which Rieber products – depending on the industry – can be helpful.

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The website relaunch with Rieber was characterized by a high demand for visual clarity and intuitive structuring of the content. These requirements challenged us in our conceptual thinking. In addition, it was a challenge to create a digital presence that could work in a straightforward manner with the existing PIM system and at the same time support customer service in its work. This creates consistency and clarity in the abundance of data surrounding the products.

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