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Interactive 3D Universe.Häfele Discoveries.

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Together with our friends from Bruce B. in Stuttgart, we created an extraordinary digital product for the Häfele Group, world market leader in furniture fittings. The goal was to provide a virtual and globally accessible showroom - as an alternative to the Interzum trade fair, which was cancelled in 2021. The result is a multi-award-winning web application that presents Häfele's product world in an innovative way: in an interactive 3D experience with interfaces to the real world.
Trade show days without any downtime
User load capacity per day, distributed over 3 time zones
Häfele sales employees
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Bruce B. provided a strong strategic foundation and a state-of-the-art user experience. At Becklyn, we were responsible for all the technology. Our product engineering team developed the entire application connecting the 3D worlds with the users in front of the screen. We also ensured the smooth high-load operation during the exhibition days.

Discover the Discoveries

With Häfele Discoveries, registered trade fair visitors were able to move freely in the virtual universe. Elaborately modeled 3D worlds awaited them, with plenty to discover. Interactive UI elements provided users with information about the individual Häfele products. At the same time, the Häfele team was able to see which rooms the visitors were in - and which products they were interested in. In other words, it was similar to a classic trade fair. In order to enable communication during the 3D experience as well, Häfele's sales staff was able to contact interested parties specifically via an integrated text and video chat. A live stage with live presentations and workshops topped off the range of functions.

Technical Facts

  • Next.js, React, KrPano, golang, .NET, Contentful, Zoom, k6, NewRelic, AWS, Vercel
  • Modern React frontend distributed worldwide via CDN
  • Scalable backend infrastructure via AWS.
  • Contentful as CMS for content maintenance in all relevant regions/countries
  • Real-time communication via websockets
  • Chat & determine which visitors are where in the 3D world
  • Fully integrated video conferencing system via Zoom
    Video chat
  • Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, South America
    Target regions

Taking the more innovative route and launching the digital experience as an alternative to the classic trade fair within a short period of time was a big risk for Häfele. Together, we turned this risk into a very big success. The success was so great that even post-Corona the trade fairs are now carried out in a hybrid concept. We are proud of this special product and the great teamwork that made it all possible. Teamwork really does make the dream work.