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A Day in the Life of an Online Marketer

Artificial Intelligence

Part 2 of our deep dive on ChatGPT and other AI tools in everyday agency life.

From the life of an online marketer. *

7:20 a.m.: The alarm clock rings and I snooze. I know that my coffee machine in the kitchen is already heating up – so I can roll over in bed once more. At 7:30 a.m., it's time to get up for real. During my first coffee, I ask Alexa for the latest news: The next natural disaster in Asia, politics has failed again and inflation is still kicking. Well – tell me about it.

8:00 a.m.: Still wearing sweatpants, I sit down at my desk – the good old home office. First I check my emails and Slack. I answer important messages right away, unnecessary newsletters go into the trash. Then I plan my week: makes it really easy. Organizing my calendar? Check. Thanks AI. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and pour myself the next coffee.

8:40 a.m.: How is the current TikTok campaign performing? And what about Google Ads? I open my Performance Marketing Dashboard. This is where all the relevant data comes in via the GPT AddOn, the link to Google Ads, Search Console and ahrefs, among other things. The dashboard gives me an overview of all relevant developments and possible optimization measures. For questions about interfaces and error messages, I quickly ask ChatGPT. It's good that I don't need a tech geek for that anymore.

10:00 a.m.: Team meeting: with the help of AI tools and data analyses, we plan and discuss new online marketing strategies. If we had MS Teams now, ChatGPT could create our meeting notes – "unfortunately" we are Google advocates. We are testing Notion AI; but don't know exactly what to make of it yet. No one has anything exciting to say, so why not create a new background with Midjourney? I have always wanted to live in a Van Gogh themed submarine. How does copyright for AI-generated creatives work actually?

Van Vogh Themed Submarine

11:00 a.m.: The client sent new images. I'll use them to create some nice creatives for the next social ads – without AI, just to be on the safe side. Well, I'll let DALL-E inspire me anyway. The more precise my description of the channel and campaign goal, the better the result. A good prompt is an art itself. Then I check the performance of the current campaigns. Turns out: Could be better. So I ask ChatGPT for inspiration: target group, headlines, CTA's. I can use the output as a springboard and start optimizing.

12:00 p.m.: Lunch break. No idea what to cook. I simply enter what I still have in the fridge into ChatGPT and have a recipe made from it. It doesn't taste bad at all.

1:00 p.m.: Keyword research for Google Ads. Phew. And then also for online loans – not exactly my specialty. Actually, I wanted to brainstorm with my SEA colleague, but his lunch break seems to take longer... So I ask ChatGPT for help. I give the AI info about the topic, the target group and the objective. Then I have it display matching keywords in a table and categorize them by target audience and search intent. Not bad. More transactional non-brand keywords would be good. Boom. The framework for the new SEA campaign is in place. But I have to research search volumes and predicted CPCs with other tools.

ChatGPT Keywordresearch

1:40 p.m.: Content is King – right? So we need more of it: Luckily it's 2023 and there are great tools like Neuroflash or Jasper that help my creativity a bit. With these tools I create texts for blog posts, combine the results, add a pinch of my own knowledge, and make sure that everything is correct and makes sense and tada: writing blog posts has never been so easy. Well, at least for the superficial preliminary work, the fine-tuning and the bridge from "okay" to "nice" is manual work.

3:00 p.m.: Comments and messages in our customers' social channels are waiting to be answered, as they do every day. In order to get a better general impression of the performance of the postings, I perform a sentiment analysis. For this, ChatGPT summarizes the comments so that I can assess the general sentiment and rating and identify negative feedback more easily. Recurring questions ChatGPT can also answer... Are we using AI tools or are they using us? Oh dear, I'm rambling again.

4:05 PM: Back to Reality: Facts and Figures. This is where I feel comfortable. I analyze the results of the campaign. Evaluate reports, segment target groups, etc. Then I check the performance of the current campaigns. Turns out: Could be better. So I ask ChatGPT for inspiration: target group, headlines, CTAs. I can use the output and get to work on optimization. ChatGPT also helps me optimize my search ads: I keep reading articles on LinkedIn about the future of search engines. Will Google and Bing soon become obsolete, when ChatGPT, Google Bard and co are even more mature? And won't it be up to us online marketing nerds to find creative solutions for new forms of advertising?

4:45 p.m.: ChatGPT is overloaded again and my requests don't get through – no wonder with all the hype. Hmmm... I scroll through LinkedIn. Read about 48 new mind-blowing AI tools in my feed. Gross. "10 tips for better ChatGPT & GPT-3 commands" – bookmarked right away. Included is a tip on how to create the code snippet for the Meta Pixel using ChatGPT. Try it out right away.

5:15 p.m.: Enough for today. I wish ChatGPT a nice evening, they wish me one too <3 For me it's time to go to the gym, after my Applewatch reminded me again that I haven't reached my exercise goal for today.

Bye ChatGPT

9:00 p.m.: While having a beer with my friends, the conversation turns again to this new scary ChatGPT tool: the skepticism is great. Curiosity, too. We wonder where it's all going. And agree that it's okay not to have an answer to the question.

4:00 a.m.: Just had a nightmare that yet another machine is stealing my job.

* All described tasks and actions are fictitious. Overlaps and similarities with real projects are purely coincidental. In reality, we take all the fun at work a little more seriously.