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MANÓRA - that's a world full of jewelry: for jewelry lovers, high-quality brands and local jewelers. With Bedra, the precious metals specialist, a place was to be created that would pave the way for exquisite jewelry to enter the digital world - and offer customers a unique buying experience at local jewelry stores. At the beginning of the project, we created an elegant brand foundation; and conducted a 360° marketing analysis to understand the market and develop a clear strategy for the platform project. But then Corona came along. And with it, a small strategy shift. MANÓRA was not only to fulfill the platform idea, but also to present itself like a classic online store. Today, MANÓRA is both: an online jewelry store that is also linked to numerous jewelry stores throughout Germany.
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Inspired by the "land of gold" from indigenous mythology, the Spanish-Italian words for hand "mano" and gold "oro" merge in the brand name. MANÓRA thus stands for the appreciation of aesthetics and craftsmanship. The corporate design is characterized by simple elegance. The fonts: delicate yet striking. The color selection: precious but restrained, so as not to steal the show from the jewelry. And the illustrations: hand-drawn and delicate. They nestle into the overall composition - and underscore the sensuality of the jewelry world.

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MANÓRA features exquisite jewelry from various German manufacturers. Thus, not only the jewelry pieces themselves are presented, but also the brands. In line with the motto "Selected for you," products can be curated stylistically, thematically and in terms of price. And since MANÓRA is not merely an online store, the platform offers plenty of scope for storytelling and content.

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Technically, MANÓRA has a lot more to offer than the cream-colored web interface would suggest. With the platform, we created a customized solution that could be seamlessly integrated into Bedra's existing IT and logistics infrastructure. The MANÓRA backend makes it possible to digitally manage almost all logistical and commercial steps in the sales process. For example, the system can be used to create products via an interface, manage sales and shipping processes, and process returns. Local jewelers can also use parts of the functions in their own portal to manage online-to-offline sales.

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The digital marketing activities initially consisted mainly of performance marketing campaigns. Especially on special occasions such as Christmas or Valentine's Day, the campaigns were rolled out and scaled. We also oversaw the development of MANÓRA's social media channels and set up Google Display and Google Search campaigns to increase reach and brand awareness.

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In close cooperation with MANÓRA, we continuously consider which levers we can still set in motion to improve the digital performance of the store. The best way to make these considerations is based on data. To this end, we have a customized dashboard in place that helps us keep track of all relevant KPIs. In this way, we create transparency and clarity about which activity leads to which result; and where there is still potential for improvement. And as soon as such potential has been identified, we carry out A/B testing to optimize the customer experience and performance in the long run.

MANÓRA has shown us again and again what working together in partnership means. We have overcome many challenges and found solutions; we have thought the brand further and developed new methods. We have worked together and learned that plans can sometimes be overturned - and something great can emerge as a result.

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